Finish the Fight

For this personal project, I wanted to create a series of posters related to an all time favourite gaming series of mine; HaloI wanted each one to reflect a scene memorable to that one specific title. Each piece displays that title’s logo front center, creating a nice motif when next to each other.

For this piece I focused on the introduction cut scene of the title, as the Master Chief is entering Earth’s atmosphere in a fire ball.

This project gained a lot of attention on social media and within the Halo community.

As well as being featured on 343 Industries own website.

This Project is currently hanging up in the 343 Industries’ Halo Museum.

“Holy crap, these are awesome!” 

– Jeff Easterling, writer at 343 Industries

“These Awesome Set of Posters for Original Halo Trilogy” 

– Claude Errera, creator of

“10/10 would hang on wall.” 

– TehSpearhead, Halo Content Creator

This is a personal project and has no relation to Microsoft, Bungie or 343 Industries.