Finish the Fight

For this personal project, I wanted to create a series of posters related to an all time favourite gaming series of mine; HaloI wanted each one to reflect a scene memorable to that one specific title. Each piece displays that title’s logo front center, creating a nice motif when next to each other.

For this piece I focused on the introduction cut scene of the title, as the Master Chief is entering Earth’s atmosphere in a fire ball.

This project gained a lot of attention on social media and within the Halo community.

As well as being featured on 343 Industries own website.

“Holy crap, these are awesome!” 

– Jeff Easterling, writer at 343 Industries

“These Awesome Set of Posters for Original Halo Trilogy” 

– Claude Errera, creator of

“10/10 would hang on wall.” 

– TehSpearhead, Halo Content Creator

This is a personal project and has no relation to Microsoft, Bungie or 343 Industries.